Last step of primary school!

We welcome about twenty thinkers aged 9 to 11 years.

For the fall of 2019, all children born after September 1, 2010 will be able to enroll in this section, and thus continue their education in the International College of Arcachon Bay when it will open its doors for the start of the 2022 school year.

Together, we will carry out major interdisciplinary projects to shape or practice all our knowledge of the  basic skills. The multiple questions on the functioning of the world and the philosophical questions of the pupils are inspiring to approach or to deepen a notion.

For the 9/11 years, the times of philosophical reflection are more numerous and the education for peace is deepened. Students who wish to do so can become mediators during the playtime of the youngest, helping them (always supervised by an adult) to settle their conflict peacefully.

Additional lessons are expanded, for example, with woodworking and the construction of huts or giant games.

At the end of elementary school, students of Arcachon Bay International School have a good understanding and mastering of English and can speak with ease. They have not only learned the basics of skills beyond the requirements of national education, but they know how to use their knowledge in their daily lives. This success gives our pre-teens a great sense of control and satisfaction, which allows them to consider le collège with a lot of serenity and motivation. Our International College will be another great adventure in the continuity of the kindergarten and primary school, to prepare quietly for the International Bac (IB).

A day with the 9/11 Class (CE2-CM1-CM2)

From 8:00am - Daycare
Parents are welcome in the class until 9:15.

8.45 am - Beginning of the school day
                  with the reunion circle

9am - Update on current projects and invitation to reflection, questioning and sharing around a fundamental notion: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, Language, History and Geography, Crafts.

9:15 am - Activities to learn a fundamental notion

10:00 am - Deepening of the notion approached through a different experience

10:45 - Philosophical snack and chatter

11:15 - Outdoor games
            (Proposal for mediation
             & cooperative games)

9/11 Years old

13:00 - Lunch Time with both French & English Teachers
(Depending on the weather, the Lunch takes place in the garden or indoors)

1:45 pm - Quiet Reading Time

9/11 Years old

2.30 pm - Peace Education Workshop

3:00 pm - Complementary lessons inside:Music and orchestra, dance, sport, language, arts and creative expression, emotional intelligence and peace education, theater and singing.

4:00 pm - Complementary lessons outside

4:45 pm - End of the school day.
Parents' get together around the snack.
This get-together is a very important  transition for your child because it allows him/her to share with you all the projects of the day and is  thus very motivating! Our inclusive pedagogy invites you to stay in the classroom for about 15 minutes each evening or as soon as possible.

5:00 - 6:00pm - After School

or Evening Club on registration.

9/11 Years Old

 Call us every morning (Monday to Friday) from 9 to 12 am:


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