Welcome to Elementary School !

Your child is welcomed in this class of adventurers of 20 children aged 6 to 8 .

Not necessarily on  the birthday of his 6th  year, but when he/she is ready, it can be before or a little later and even during the year to allow more time.
Together we will live great adventures to deepen fundamentals in a fun way! Through challenges and experiments, learners in the 6/8 age group will continue to find out how the world works through interdisciplinary  projects carried out either solo or in group work.
The questioning of children on the big themes of the real world is a source of inspiration to approach a notion:
Space, volcanoes, the children of the world, the family, the animals of the world, the evolution of human beings and living beings, the Earth, the weather, the seasons, the countries and cultures of the world, the culinary specialties , the medieval castles, the great discoveries of the inventors of genius ......

From 8am - Daycare in French
Parents are welcome in the class until 9:15

8:45 am - Beginning of the school
                      with the reunion circle

9:00 am - Invitation to reflection, questioning and sharing around a fundamental notion: Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, language, history and geography, crafts.

9:15 - Activities in French

10:00 - Games outside

10:45 - Snack & philosophical chatter

11:00 - Deepening of the notion approached through another project

6/8 Years Old


13:00 - Lunch Time with both French & English Teachers
(Depending on the weather, the Lunch takes place in the garden or indoors)

1:45 pm - Quiet Reading Time

6/8 Years Old

14:15 - Complementary lessons in English in interior (Music and orchestra, dance, sport, language, arts and creative expression, emotional intelligence and peace education, theater and singing)

3:15  - Complementary lessons in English outside

16:30 - End of the school.                    

Parents' get together around the snack.

This get-together is a very important transition for your child because it allows him/her to share with you all the projects of the day and is  thus very motivating! Our inclusive pedagogy invites you to stay in the classroom for about 15 minutes each evening or as soon as possible.

16:30 - 18:00 - After School or Evening Club on registration!

6/8 Years Old

 Call us every morning (Monday to Friday) from 9 to 12 am:


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