The Founder's Vision

When we ask parents what they want for their children, they  systematically harp on: Happiness and Success.
They hope that their children will be happy and will   have a great professional future.
Does the classical curriculum  answer these challenges? Are your kids excited about going to school in the morning? Do they get a good education about the realities of the world of work?

One thing is certain, at the International School we have the same goals as the parents, and together we will offer the best to your children!
Parents who have enrolled their children in our school know that we have chosen the "high-tech" pedagogies existing today, a beautiful alchemy between learning-by-doing and an innovative approach focused on talent.

For us at the International School the education of your children is the same as  it is for you: a great responsibility, a vocation and an immense pleasure!

Cultivate the talents of each child!

We care about our young learners becoming global citizens with a strong self-esteem, able to harness their talents so that they put them at the service of their personal growth and their community.

The International School of Arcachon Bay is committed to supporting the growth of the child in its entirety, intellectual, emotional and bodily through an integrated and individualized program that seeks to challenge and raise all potentials to the rhythm of each learner.                                                                    Fanny Bragard                                                              


Merci à tous !

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